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NN100 Nitrogen Fire Suppression System



The NN100 system has zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential, since it employs nitrogen gas, 78% of the air, as the fire suppression agent. The discharge of nitrogen gas does not cause any trouble in visibility necessary for occupants to access to exits, since no condensation of humid in the air takes place on the discharge of agent. And it has no damage to properties. The NN100 system will be a 'standard' fire suppression system in future since the NN100 system is friendly to both human beings and our planet.

NN100 Package

NN100 Package

A pre-engineered NN100 packaged system provides save-space and save-cost solution to protect valuable properties. Just put in the room to be protected without a big plumbing work. The simply designed package allows it to sit in the room together with other office appliances. Furthermore, you can select type number of packages according to required volume of N2 gas.

Lower noise discharge nozzle

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We offer lower noise discharge nozzles to reduce gas discharge noise in communication equipment rooms, server rooms, and computer rooms.


  • Reduces effects on HDDs due to discharge noise
    of fire suppression gas.
  • Discharge noise is reduced while maintaining the same level of fire suppression performance.
  • Existing discharge nozzles can be easily replaced.


The lower noise discharge nozzle was designed to reduce effects on HDDs due to gas discharge noise by reducing that noise, and the nozzle does not guarantee HDD operating performance. HDD operating performance is not guaranteed even if the customer uses the lower noise discharge nozzle together with some or all measures other than reducing gas discharge noise. Gas fire suppression systems other than the nitrogen and Halon 1301 type also produce a loud noise during discharge of fire suppression gas, and thus effects on HDDs and other precision instruments can be expected.

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